Save Money on the Total Cost of Home Ownership with our Energy Performance Guarantee

November 1, 2023
Experience the future of energy-efficient homes with us! We've partnered with industry experts to revolutionize the way we design and build new homes. By utilizing a 'total systems approach' to energy efficiency, we're taking bold steps to reduce energy usage, protect the environment, and save you money.

Visit our models today for a full demonstration! Call or text 817-784-7114 to set an appointment for an eye-opening experience.

Through cutting-edge technology, such as computer modeling and air infiltration control methods, along with advanced HVAC system design and blown-in cellulose insulation, we're maximizing energy efficiency in every aspect of your new home. But we don't stop there. We also conduct individual home testing to ensure optimal energy performance.

But here's the best part - our commitment to energy efficiency doesn't just stop at the design and construction phase. When you become a homeowner with us, you'll not only know the cost of your new home, but also the heating and cooling energy usage for the next two years. That's right, we guarantee it!

We've gone the extra mile to meet and exceed all requirements, so you can feel confident in your home's energy performance. And if, for any reason, we fall short of our promise, an independent inspection company will cover the difference. It's our Energy Performance Guarantee, ensuring you peace of mind and tangible savings.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your dream home. Choose us and experience the difference of energy efficiency done right.