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Save Money on the Total Cost of Home Ownership with our Energy Performance Guarantee

November 1, 2023
Experience the future of energy-efficient homes with us! We've partnered with industry experts to revolutionize the way we design and build new homes. By utilizing a 'total systems approach' to energy efficiency, we're taking bold steps to reduce energy usage, protect the environment, and save you money.Visit our models today for a full demonstration! Call or text 817-784-7114 to set an appointment for an eye-opening experience.Through cutting-edge technology, such as computer modeling and air infiltration control methods, along with advanced HVAC system design and blown-in cellulose insulation, we're maximizing energy efficiency in every aspect of your new home. But we don't stop there. We also conduct individual home testing to ensure optimal energy performance.But here's the best part - our commitment to energy efficiency doesn't just stop at the design and construction phase. When you become a homeowner with us, you'll not only know the cost of your new home, but also the heating and cooling energy usage for the next two years. That's right, we guarantee it!We've gone the extra mile to meet and exceed all requirements, so you can feel confident in your home's energy performance. And if, for any reason, we fall short of our promise, an independent inspection company will cover the difference. It's our Energy Performance Guarantee, ensuring you peace of mind and tangible savings.Don't settle for less when it comes to your dream home. Choose us and experience the difference of energy efficiency done right.
Save Money on the Total Cost of Home Ownership with our Energy Performance Guarantee

Ramping Up the Coziness in Your Home

October 12, 2021
Ramping Up the Coziness in Your HomeLeaves are changing, the weather is cooling, and you’re getting ready to bust out your sweater collection. Fall is the perfect time to hunker down and enjoy your time indoors. But does your interior reflect this desire for a warm, comfortable, and inviting living space? Or do you need to make some changes to welcome the new season? If you’re looking to make your home feel cozier, these tips are for you.Light Up Your Home! Lighting plays a huge role in the tone of your home. For example, bright fluorescent lighting feels harsh and uninviting (you don’t want your house to feel like a dentist’s office, right?), whereas diffused lighting scattered through a room draws you in. Go for warm white lighting, which is easier on the eyes and offers soft lighting.Different lighting is also essential. It would be best if you had ambient lighting and task-oriented lighting, like a table lamp. Floor lighting, overhead lights, and lamps should be in abundance in every room. To maximize the coziness factor, use candles as much as possible! Pick scented, unscented, colored, white, whatever you want!Warm Colors Create Cozy SpacesCoziness doesn’t have to be a seasonal choice. If you want your home to feel warm and inviting all year long, consider putting on a fresh coat of paint in a warmer color. Stay away from stark whites or grays. Instead, go with mustard yellow, soft blue, dark green, or rich reds and oranges. Once you’ve selected your wall color, incorporate similarly toned colors into your other furniture pieces, artwork, and flooring. Even if your style is minimal and elegant, you can create a cozy environment through colors and patterns. Banish Chilly Floors with RugsClimbing out of bed or stepping off a couch onto a cold, unforgiving hardwood floor is the worst. Permanently banish those cold-foot feels by adding area rugs to your living spaces. Rugs are versatile in that they can blend in with the floor with neutral, understated colors or make your décor pop with vibrant colors or patterns. They come in a variety of materials (synthetic and natural), thickness, and shape. You can even view your rugs as seasonal and plan to swap them out throughout the year.Throw Blankets Are Your New Best FriendsNo fall movie marathon is complete without a warm blanket to curl up under. If you put your throw blankets away for the summer, pull them out of storage, wash them, and pile them up in your living room! Consider keeping them in a basket by the couch, stored away in a storage bench, or placed on the back of your furniture. In the market for some new blankets? Flannel and wool are great options if your home tends to run on the colder side. You can layer patterns or contrasting colors against the colors on your wall, flooring, or furniture to turn your functional blankets into fashionable décor. Keep in the Heat and Soften the Room with DrapesYou probably already have sheers or blinds on your windows. But thicker drapes or curtains are a great way to cozy up a room, even if you install them in addition to your existing window coverings. Not only do thicker curtains keep the heat in and the cold out (a must in the fall and winter), but they also soften the room. Here’s another way you can add yet another layer of color or texture to your spaces. Comfort is vital in the colder months. These easy additions will warm up your home and make it even more inviting as you prepare to hunker down and enjoy your time indoors. 

Five Products for Energy-Efficient Homes

July 27, 2021
5 Energy-Efficient Products for Energy-Efficient HomesHaving an energy-efficient home is important for so many reasons. You can dramatically reduce your energy bills by heating and cooling your home and lowering energy use. Plus, you can reduce your environmental footprint by being more conscious about what you’re using. The problem is, it’s not always easy to know how best to do it. Here are five easy energy-efficient products that can help you control the amount of energy you consume.Solar PanelsSolar panels are an alternative to traditional energy sources that is renewable and sustainable. Most energy-efficient homes run on solar energy for this reason. It’s also less expensive than other energy sources, making it a smart choice for budget-conscious homeowners.LED LightbulbsHere’s a smart, easy tip for homeowners: Switch your traditional lightbulbs with LED lights. These energy-efficient lights don’t generate heat, which means no energy is wasted when turned on. These lights also last much longer than traditional lightbulbs, which will cost you less in the long run and decrease your impact on the environment.Smart Power StripsYou’re probably aware that devices left plugged-in use energy even when they’re off. Switching to Smart power strips allows you to prevent this. These power strips automatically shut down power to devices when they’re charged or aren’t being used. You’ll waste less energy and lower your bills with this option.Smart ThermostatTraditional thermostats need to be constantly adjusted, or they’ll continue to blast heat or AC to keep the house at the set temperature, even if you’re not at home. A programmable, smart thermostat monitors that for you – no need to sacrifice comfort. You can set it to adjust the temperature at different times throughout the day (when you’re away at work or when you’re sleeping, for example) so you’re not wasting heat or energy.Energy-Efficient WindowsDouble-pane windows can decrease your heating and cooling costs, thereby lowering your energy consumption. While it will be expensive to replace all your single-pane windows, the cost savings will make up for it in the long run. You can double down on the energy efficiency by investing in heavy shades or blinds that keep your house cool in the summer.Many of these options do require an up-front expense, which can seem counter-intuitive to the goal of reducing your energy bills. But each of these products will reduce your costs considerably over time. Plus, you can make less of an impact on the environment and rely on sustainable options for energy. With a bit of effort and money up front, you can set your home up to be greener and more energy-efficient in no time.
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