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Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood for Your New Home

August 10, 2021
Choosing the Perfect Neighborhood for Your New HomeDeciding where to live is almost as important as picking your future home. After all, your new neighborhood is more than a physical location. You're joining a new community. It's a big deal.Every family is different, so it's important to keep those unique needs in mind. Here are a few tips to understanding what matters most to you and your family – and choosing the right neighborhood to fit.Make a Neighborhood WishlistYou might already have created a wish list for your dream home. Now, do the same for your ideal neighborhood. While you might not be able to find everything you want in a neighborhood that matches your price point and location, this exercise helps you figure out what's most important.Ask yourself questions like…    •  Do I want a busy, more active area?    • Does my family prefer quiet streets and secluded houses?    • How important is it for us to be near parks?    • How close would we like to be to restaurants?       To shopping areas?    • How close would we like to be to a fitness center,       church, library, or the local community center?    • How far are we willing to commute to work or school?    • Do we need to be near public transportation?    • Do we want dedicated bike lanes?    • Should the neighborhood have other families like ours?    • Do we want to be physically close to our neighbors?    • Do we want a close-knit community?Get to Know the Schools in the AreaFamilies are particularly interested in learning about the schools in the area. A good school can make or break a neighborhood for many people with children. Consider looking into class size, student performance, graduation rate, and transportation. Plan to move to an area with a school that fits your children's needs and your family's lifestyle. Even people without children can look at local school systems as an indicator of the neighborhood. Separate Rooms with Curtains Who said curtains are only for windows? Install rods toward the ceiling and use drapery to separate rooms. But remember, the fabric you choose is to create subtle visual separations, not block out the rest of the house. Use material that isn’t fully opaque so light can still filter through, and that sense of openness remains.Consider a Non-Permanent BarrierIf your floor plan doesn’t have many built-in divisions, such as an inset ceiling or sunken room, you can always add a non-permanent one. There are benefits to each type of non-permanent barrier, depending on what you’re looking for. A classic folding screen can add a nice decorative touch. The bonus of a folding screen is it’s portable, so you can put it away or move it to another area. A decorative wood or metal divider might be more permanent but add a dramatic accent to any space.Consider Crime RateYou can find out the crime rate in just about any neighborhood simply by searching online. It's a good idea to check out an area's crime rate, especially if you're not familiar with it at all. Keep in mind, a higher crime rate in the past doesn't mean the neighborhood isn't safe. Only look at current crime rates.Depending on the city, you can likely find very detailed crime reports online. You can also reach out to the local police department for information about the neighborhood you're considering. You can also find out if the neighborhood community is actively involved in managing the area's safety.Take A Walk Around the NeighborhoodYou've found a neighborhood that matches most of your criteria. The best way to get to know the area is by walking around! Pay attention to the amount of greenery (in yards and boulevards) and the level of traffic. If your family enjoys going on walks together, make a mental note of how easy it is to travel by foot – are the sidewalks in good shape? Is there enough space to walk comfortably?You can also use this time to meet the people living in the area. You can learn a lot about a neighborhood just by striking up a conversation while out and about.Understand Housing Value – and Your BudgetOnce you've selected a neighborhood or two, look at the homes in the area. Pay attention to the lot sizes, the typical square footage of homes, and the age. Find out the value of places in the neighborhood and talk to your real estate agent about the neighborhood's history.You can check websites like Zillow to see housing costs as well as purchase history. This information can give you an idea of how much home values have changed over time – and how much they might change in the future. You can also get a sense of how tax rates have changed in the area.Then, figure out if you can afford the area based on your budget. Be sure to add those property tax values to this amount. You don't want to pick an ideal neighborhood if it means compromising on your dream home, so keep that in mind.Finding the ideal neighborhood for your dream home isn't always easy. But by taking a few precautions and planning, you're well on your way to joining the perfect community. 

New Community in New Fairview

July 22, 2021
The City of New FairviewThe City of New Fairview, located in Wise Country within the Fort Worth Metroplex, provides easy access for travel, work, or entertainment. Living in New Fairview offers residents a suburban rural feel and was recently rated the 5th safest city in Texas!Fun FactFun fact, the City of New Fairview has been renamed many times. Originally called "Illinois Settlement" by the early families who immigrated from the State of Illinois, it later became named "Fairview" for the "fair view of the prairie." Then the name was changed again in 1999 to distinguish it from the fourteen other towns in Texas with the same name.High-Rated SchoolsThe public schools in New Fairview are highly rated. The Independent School Districts that students will attend are either in Decatur or Northwest. For High School graduates, Weatherford College is just 20 minutes away, located in Wise County. Weatherford College believes in embracing a culture of excellence and provides an innovative and affordable learning environment for all its students.Something for EveryoneIn New Fairview, Tx, there are many nearby entertainment options for the whole family. You can take the kids to The Wild Animal Sanctuary, hit the dirt tracks at River Valley Motocross, or even visit Splitsville, a 25,000 square-foot bowling and dining complex located in the Village at New Fairview. If you're into fishing or want to get out for a day on the lake, Eagle Mountain Lake is just minutes away! There are many things to do in and near New Fairview, Tx, that any family will enjoy.New Community - Paloma RanchAntares Homes is coming to the City of New Fairview to the community of Paloma Ranch. Join our interest list,, to keep up to date with changes on Paloma Ranch and other communities as they happen.
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