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Creating a Drop Zone in Your Home

May 24, 2022
Creating a Drop Zone in Your Home After a long day of work or school or social outings, all we want to do is go home and quite literally drop everything to take a hot shower, enjoy a meal, and, perhaps, dive into the latest binge-worthy show. It’s no surprise that we then find piles of stuff scattered around our home – and, of course, we can never find our keys or that RSVP when we need them! This is why it’s crucial for every home to have a designated drop zone.What IS a drop zone, exactly?A drop zone is a magical remedy so you can rid your home of unnecessary, messy piles and have a clean, organized space where you drop everything before you lose track of it!Okay, okay – it’s not quite magic, but it’ll certainly feel that way once you’ve implemented and made use of a space like this. A drop zone can be located anywhere that’s convenient in your home. Perhaps a front entrance or back hallway, wherever you most often enter your home, is probably the best spot to designate as your drop zone.It may not be a big space, and that’s okay - even better, this will allow your creativity to really shine. Make use of whatever space you have to include some spiffy organization, storage spaces, and unique built-ins. These can include pieces of furniture, a hanging space, or a bench seat with some hidden storage. The idea is that this space will be extremely functional without sacrificing style. And let’s face it, anything is better than messy piles of random bits and bobs around the house!What exactly can I “drop” in this designated zone?Anything goes for a drop zone from your tote bags and backpacks to your keys, wallet, and mail! Think about what you typically take and toss throughout the day as you go to and fro, and then design a space unique to that. Perhaps you’ll want some sturdy hooks and hangers for bags, hats, and coats. Maybe a little cubby for shoes and a storage bench for bulkier items like scarves or roller skates!Other drop zone essentials might include a small, hidden trash can – for that junk mail and those empty coffee cups! – and a bulletin board to quickly tack any invites or reminders you’ll need for the day. A magnetic dry erase board works well, too!Drop zones are great no matter your living situation – if you live with a bunch of roommates or have a big family, it’s a great way to keep everyone’s stuff organized. You can create little bins and nooks with labels if needed. It’s also a great idea if you frequently host guests – we’ve all been to that party with the designated “coat bed.” Don’t make your guests have to dig through a pile or search your house or apartment at the end of a visit for their personal items!Remember your pets, too! This area may include toys, treats, a leash, and anything else you may need to grab quickly on the go. Hooks and baskets are great for these items.Don’t drop the ball on this one! Getting organized doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Chances are, you already have some bins around your home that you can move to your new drop zone to get started. 
Creating a Drop Zone in Your Home
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