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Walk-In Closet Designs

September 10, 2021
What to Consider When Designing Your Walk-In ClosetA walk-in closet is a dream come true for many of us. If you’re used to a small, dim closet that can barely fit your daily wardrobe, a closet that size can be almost overwhelming. Luckily, there are some design tips that can help you both use the space to its fullest and reflect your unique style. After all, you want to show off your wardrobe! Here are some of the design considerations you should keep in mind when designing a walk-in closet.Pick the Right ShelvingChoosing your shelving goes beyond picking something that works in the space. You’re creating the foundation of the entire closet’s aesthetic with this decision. Wire shelving offers a minimalist option that could blend seamlessly with high-gloss finishes on cabinetry and drawers. Wood provides the ability to build intricate details on the drawers and doors, which means endless hardware options to elevate the look and connect with your style.Maximize Your Space with the Right StorageThe last thing your dream closet needs is wasted space. Maximize every inch of your walk-in closet so you can use it to its full potential. Use your vertical storage space with floor-to-ceiling shelving, built-in shoe racks, and extra hanging rods for lesser-worn clothing. You can also rely on custom closet organizers to fill in awkward gaps or create spaces for accessories such as jewelry, hats, purses and clutches, and ties. Don’t forget countertops for makeup stations, to show off watches or other elegant accessories, or for a place to store your wallet and cellphone. Elevate Your Design with Custom CabinetryCreating a high-end built-in closet means taking a custom approach. Opt for custom closet cabinetry with finishes and accents of your choosing. You can add in frosted glass doors, vintage hardware, customized accents in the wood, and more. There are endless options here to really make this space reflect your style and wardrobe. Customizing your cabinetry also helps maximize the space available in your closet. Choose the Perfect LightingA dark, shadowy closet defeats the entire purpose of making it easier to access your wardrobe! Instead, take care to pick the perfect lighting for your dream closet. Make sure the lighting you choose is bright enough to reach every inch of the closet without getting in the way. Overhead recessed lighting is a great option for this – you’re able to brighten the entire space without removing any storage space. You can also choose something more elegant, like a chandelier, and include lighting inside cabinet doors or drawers.Don’t Forget the Flooring!You don’t want to cover your floor in clothing storage, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t essential. If you have hardwood floors, consider a rug that compliments the style of your cabinetry and lighting. You can also replace the flooring to create a distinct separation between your closet and the rest of the house. Choosing a pattern that matches your wardrobe style is a fun way to make your closet reflect your personality. Just don’t let your flooring clash with your clothes! Designing a walk-in closet can be a lot of fun. As long as you’re using every inch of the closet to house your wardrobe, accessories, and shoes, you’re bound to love the result. 

Benefits of a Home Owner's Association

September 3, 2021
Top 5 Benefits of Belonging to a Homeowner's AssociationAre you considering buying a house in a community with a homeowner's association? They're becoming increasingly popular as they keep property values high, cover maintenance costs, and provide recreational benefits to residents. But what exactly is a homeowner's association, and why would you want to join one? This article will outline the top benefits of belonging to one.What is a Homeowners Association (HOA)? An HOA is a governing system comprised of residents put in place for a specific community. A community's HOA is responsible for creating and enforcing rules and restrictions in the area for a monthly fee. Additionally, the HOA maintains a community's quality, including maintaining shared amenities, managing repairs to roads and roofs, and resolving disputes in the neighborhood. Being part of an HOA isn't for every homeowner. For some, HOA rules can feel restrictive and not worth the cost of fees. For others, the added security, maintenance assistance, and close-knit neighborhood can be highly appealing. 1. Access to Private AmenitiesPart of your HOA fees includes building and maintaining community amenities. Every community is different, but this often includes pools, private parks, walking trails, sports courts, golf courses, and other recreational facilities. Since you're already contributing to them with your fee, there's no added cost to use these amenities.Another bonus here is that since these are private facilities, they will often be less crowded, better kept, and more up to date than public-funded ones.2. No Need to Worry about Routine MaintenanceMost HOAs take care of routine maintenance and upkeep, including cleaning sidewalks, maintaining hedges and lawns, managing trash and recycling, handling pest control, and painting home and communal areas. You'll also never have to worry about basic home issues, as many HOAs also cover plumbing, landscaping, and HVAC systems.3. Pay Less for Utilities When you're part of an HOA, your monthly utility bills will be lower. In fact, you won't have to worry about paying them at all! Part of your HOA fee covers utilities such as water, gas, sewer, and trash. Rather than paying for your own usage each month, you pay a flat rate that will often save you money over time.4. See A Higher Quality of LivingAll HOA-driven rules are enforced to maintain a high quality of living for those in the community. The HOA must approve exterior and interior home changes, which keeps the community's aesthetic secured. You'll see added security benefits for peace of mind, never worry about problem neighbors who aren't following HOA restrictions, and appreciate the higher property values.5. Enjoy a Close CommunityHOA-governed communities often pride themselves on building strong neighbor connections. These communities offer tons of socializing opportunities by hosting nights out, parties, and other social gatherings. You'll also have plenty of chances to interact with neighbors at HOA meetings and local tennis courts, golf courses, and walking trails. Families will enjoy how easy it will be for their kids to make local friends at parks and pools. Is an HOA right for you? If you don't mind paying an added fee and sticking to strictly enforced rules, the amenities, upkeep, and added security make it worth the cost.
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