Organizing the Tech in Your Home

August 16, 2023
Do you have an old iPhone, phone box, or drawer of cords somewhere in your home? It seems that most of us do. New gadgets, tech, and accessories are constantly making their way into our living spaces, but it can be difficult to know how to organize them and when to part with them. Especially with technology, we often struggle with thinking we might need something in the future, but we rarely use much of the old equipment stored away in closets, desks, and cabinets. So how do we get it under control? 

    1. Identify the things you use on a regular basis and the things you don’t. 

Before making any decisions, take an inventory of the things you use - the game systems the kids play, the cords that are actually used to charge a device, and the gadgets in regular rotation in your home. If you can match the technology you use with the accessories those things actually need, it will be easier to identify the things that can go. 

    2. Declutter anything that isn’t actively used.

Do your research. Some things can be sold and others donated. Make sure you properly remove any personal information before getting rid of the item. If you can’t determine what a cord or power cable belongs to, get rid of it. 

    3. Label Cables and Chargers. 

Use a label maker or labeled sandwich bags to keep things organized. If you don’t know how to label it, don’t keep it! 

    4. Designate a home for each item. 

Whether it’s an entertainment cabinet, a desk, or on a kitchen cabinet, determine the best place to use and store each item. If it doesn’t have a home, think about how it’s most used. If it isn’t often used, let it go. 

   5. Consistently Re-evaluate 

Next time you get a new piece of technology, resist throwing the old version in a drawer. Consider whether it’s worth storing and make a habit of getting rid of things you don’t need. 

If you follow a few simple steps, you’ll be able to keep your tech items organized and under control.