Third Party Home Inspections, Are They Worth it?

March 22, 2011

All my life I was always told when buying a car take it to the mechanic before you buy it or when buying a home always hire a professional home inspector before closing. I have found this advice to be very good and it has saved me many times.   Home inspectors are excellent at finding issues in older homes that sellers sometimes cover with paint or texture, that can be very helpful.  Sometimes the items they point out to you will be very costly to repair and you need to know that before proceeding with the purchase of your home. The times when I DON'T use a mechanic to inspect my car is when it is new.  My new car will come with a warranty so if something breaks they will fix it or if a manufacturer’s defect is found it will be repaired by the manufacturer.  So, when I’m buying my new car what I want to do is look for cosmetic issues, things like door dings or scratches because I know that once I drive that car off the lot these items won't be repaired for free. It's the same when you buy a New Home.  You don't need an additional Inspection, because  the home is inspected over and over during the construction process.  If you remember a recent post, we even go above and beyond on our inspections.  We like to make sure we did it right the first time.  A new Home is also covered by a warranty, as are all of the major components used in the construction and finish, such as the foundation, the roof and the appliances.   Before you close on your new Antares Home, you will meet the builder at your home and he will perform a “home orientation”.   A home orientation is when the builder walks you through your new home demonstrating how everything works, who to call if it doesn’t and all the little things you need to know to enjoy your new home.  You will also will spend all the time you want looking for those cosmetic issues like texture error, paint issues, any spots on the floor or anything else that needs a touch up.   You will return 7 days later and verify that ALL the corrections have been completed and then you will proceed to closing.  The builder will place an Owner's Manual in your home and this booklet will give advice on maintaining your new home and several helpful tips to keeping it like new and giving you many years of enjoyment. Since a Home Inspection can cost you about $500 dollars, it doesn't seem worth the money on a New Home.  If you want to have one anyway, we can accomodate you.  Just ask your Salesperson!
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