Pie Contest Update

November 20, 2010

I am soooo glad I wasn't a judge at this contest!  I sampled a few of the pies and then I began to feel sick from eating so many sweets.  The pies were wonderful!  Marcy and I made the only Pumpkin Pies and since Marcy and I were hosting the bake off, we weren't eligible to win, so the winners were both in the Other Pie category.  Does no one like Pumpkin Pie the way I do?  I guess not!   It was a pretty heated contest.  The clear first place winner was the Key Lime Pie and the second place tie was between the Lemon Pie and the Chocolate Pie.  Thankfully my Pop was there to break the tie with his vote for the Chocolate Pie.  Thanks everyone who entered and also to the judges!  I don't know how they ate so much pie!
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