Built So Well, Our Employees Agree!

April 1, 2011

Our buyers are people who want to live in a neighborhood with other Home Owners who are invested in creating a community.  They are drawn to us because of our Quality, our Energy Guarantee and the fact that we don't sell any of our homes to Investors.  All of our buyers live in their homes!  Also, we have a high percentage of our employees living in an Antares Home.  We believe in what we build, and Quality is our number one priority. This is what one of our Salespeople told me about her experience buying an Antares Home: “I have been selling new homes for 11 years. I was working for a different builder at the time we decided to start our new home search in the Burleson area.  We visited every home builder in the Burleson area and even viewed our options with a pre-owned home. I had never considered a pre-owned home before, as I have built 5 new homes in the last 11 years.  We had to have a 5 bedroom home and of course needed it on a family of 6 budget….Needless to say, pre owned was ruled out pretty fast and onto the new home builders we went ! We visited so many builders and just could not find what we were looking for with both price and features. Believe it or not, Antares Homes was not even on my list! We stumbled across the community of Hidden Creek in Burleson, right across form the golf course and in a perfect location off 35 addressing the rest of our needs for proximity to shopping, restaurants, etc... Into the sales office we went...here we go again... “Hi my name is Monique and this is my husband Teddy”.   There was Sharon White! She greeted us with a smile and total knowledge of her product. It was like Sharon and I had been friends for years! We spoke with ease and she really listened to what I was looking for. What I learned about Antares Homes that day, I only wished I had gone there first and did not waste my whole day on builders that did not meet my needs and budget. If I was going to buy a home in Burleson, It was going to be an Antares Home. The perfect 5 bedroom home and a payment we could afford!! Well, if I am going to buy a home from this company, then who better to represent this company, but me! I believed so strongly in what they had to offer their customers, that this was a company that I wanted to represent!  Out went the resume the next day…. I have been working for Antares for almost 2 years now. I have a fantastic home and the kids and family are all happy…sometimes I have a hard time believing that anyone would want to buy a home anywhere else but Antares. We love our community and have made lots of friends. If you choose an Antares Home…no doubt about it…you will love your home too! The Antares sales team is the best…I have worked for many builders in the last 11 years and I can say without hesitation, that they all believe in their product so strongly, are knowledgeable in every facet of the building industry and greet each customer with the anticipation of showing everyone what makes this company so unique in today’s market.”           -Monique Tinsley High Praise indeed!  Stephanie Gatica, one of our Sales Assistants told me this: “I did not work for Antares when I bought my home, but I can tell you why I bought an Antares Home...it was the best house we looked at!!!  My husband and I visited several area builders and did not get very excited.  Floor plans were bad, prices seemed high, and ran into a few "used car salesmen" types in the process.  These are not things you want to use to describe your home buying experience.  Then we pulled into Matador Ranch!!!  We did not look any further...in fact we picked our home that day from the inventory on the ground!!!  Not only that, but Jaimie (our sales person) was fantastic!!!  She really cared about our needs and happiness and worked tirelessly to get us exactly what we wanted.  With that being said...I tell this to every person I run into who says "I'm looking to buy a house".  I tell them they will never have a better experience all the way around, as they will be buying an Antares Home!"  Three of our Certified Graduate Builders and another Salesperson also live in Antares Homes.    Remember my quest to find out what makes an Antares Home Owner tick?  We just found out about two more.  So six of my Celebrities are co-workers of mine.  I think that's pretty great, don't you?
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