Hear From Our 
Happy Homeowners

  • Karla and Danielle are fantastic representatives and pro-actively impressed me and my clients too! They are very excited to be first on the list for the property. The finishes, lot size, community; everything checked off their list. Thank you!

    Charlene L.
  • We love our new home and everything about it. It is a beautiful space and we can't wait to move in. 
    Karla kept us so in the loop throughout the whole process and made it easy and pleasurable for us.

    Kyle W.
  • Everyone was very nice and easy to work with.

    Ineater F.
  • Excellent Design and Appearance!

    Bonnie A.
  • Sonia was a joy to work with from the time I came to the site, right up to my closing. She knew so much about the product and was patient and kept me informed. Her personality was the icing on the cake. Clay was so thorough and helpful as well.

    Jeanique K.
  • The whole buying process was great! Karla worked with us from start to finish. During the process, she worked very hard to build a relationship that I hope lasts even after our purchase.

    Dianna Z.
  • I love my island and fireplace. I LOVE MY HOME!!!

    James T.
  • We would not be moving into our new home without Karla's help! I felt that us
    getting the house was as important to her as it was to us!

    Stephen O.
  • Dallas is an awesome Sales Person and Logan is awesome at
    everything. It went smoothly and the floorplan is perfect.

    Donny G.
  • Excellent service clarified all my questions, it inspired me with confidence from the first moment very satisfied and 100% recommended, Tanya is the best thank you again!

    Fernando R.
  • Tanya and Victor are/were wonderful. They are VERY knowledgeable in their field. I would highly recommend them to others who are considering purchasing an Antares Home. I am very pleased with the entire experience of purchasing my new home with Antares! 🤗

    Robbie J.
  • Tanya Eddleman, I just want to say THANK YOU for your AMAZING service! Since the 1st day we walked in, my clients and I felt super comfortable. You were very informative and I absolutely loved how you constantly gave us an update on their home. I truly appreciate you and I'm looking forward to working many deals with you!

    Mariela R.
  • The price was amazing and the features and options were the best! I am so happy to be part of the Antares Family. Thank you, Tanya, for everything.

    Michael G.
  • We love the elevation, materials, and floorplan. Thank you for everything!

    Eduardo D.
  • Scott did an amazing job building this home (pride in workmanship and good materials) He was very thorough in explaining all the things regarding the home. Super personality and good at listening and answering questions. Scott was great!

    Darius D.
  • Sonia was wonderful to work with, kept us to-to-date, and answered questions promptly. Clay did a great job on the walkthrough, the whole process was wonderful.

    Bradley K.
  • We love all aspects of our home. The builder did an excellent job! I am very please with the company, the builder, and the sales rep.

    Robert H.
  • We like the layout options. The kitchen finishings were spectacular!

    Joshua B.
  • I walked in, to inquire about building a home, and Tanya was just so informative and welcoming to the Antares family that I signed the contract that day. Their quality of homes is top-notch with a variety of selections and amazing prices. The representatives are the friendliest most welcoming people that anyone can ask for. Thank You, Tanya and Antares.

    Michael G.
  • I love my bathroom and kitchen the most. This has been the easiest process and I am so grateful for Karla and the tea for allowing me to become a first-time homeowner. Everyone has been wonderful and has made this experience a blessing for my family and me. Thank you. :)

    Crystal R.
  • We liked the curb appeal, layout, community,
    light fixtures and doorknobs – We’re very happy.

    Daniel G.
  • My clients were in the process of selling their home, and the closing date was fast approaching. They had not found their dream home. I reached out to Tanya at Antares Homes in Fort Worth to see if there was anything available. I did a video tour for my clients. Tanya then met with my clients a few days later, provided superior customer service, explained the process in detail, and got them under contract all in one meeting. My client now has their forever home. 

    Shavon C.
  • Antares has been a God-send! From the moment I first spoke
    with the online sales associate to the moment I connected with Christina in
    person months later, they have been nothing but thorough and courteous. We were
    able to find a house that suited our needs in a rushed and stressful situation
    due to the understanding nature of Christina. She checked on us regularly, she
    was available after hours, and she always responded quickly to our questions.
    She was and is such a pleasure.

    Our home is wonderful and so is the area. I am returning
    to Texas after being gone for 24 years and my husband has never lived in Texas.
    We are so grateful and thankful to have Keith and Christina to help us and
    truthfully take care of us. They have both gone above and beyond. My parents
    are custom home builders, and they are even impressed by the diligent nature,
    welcoming spirit, and professionalism from Keith and Christina.

    Cim W.
  • From the moment I walked in the door, Monique Tinsley made me
    feel like I was home. My husband and I decided to move closer to family, but I was hesitant to leave my current home. Monique listened to my requirements to move and suggested a gorgeous home that was just being completed.

    We purchased the home during a very trying time as a consumer. I was more than
    a little concerned about the process and leaving a house that I love. Monique
    answered my million questions, opened the house countless times for me to look
    “one more time” or to take another measurement and called me on several
    occasions just to check on me.
    Not sure I would have completed the purchase of my beautiful new home if it
    wasn’t for the support and help from Monique!
    Thanks so much. You are much appreciated.

    Jen P.
  • Dallas and Keith were absolutely fantastic to work with!

    Duane B.
  • Love the size of the kitchen and front elevation. Monique
    and Brandon have been exceptional throughout the process.

    Joshua C.
  • We love everything about it. It was everything we wanted that
    we didn’t have in our first home.

    Antoinette S.
  • Everything was nice and clean, and the home looks great! Sonia and Tanya both
    did a great job, and the builder who did our walkthrough did an awesome job. Thank you.

    Jesse G.
  • We like the new appliances in the kitchen and the light fixtures.

    R. Wright
  • We love the open layout and wide arches. We are so, so happy! Thank you!

    M. Vigilante
  • We loved all the options available and loved the quality of
    the materials used for our home.

    Kristian G.
  • We love the layout and all of the colors.

    Lloyd B.
  • Stephanie was a great salesperson and Scott was the best builder to work with. Very professional and responsive!

    Ah Bin H.
  • Like the tasteful style and layout of the home. I can tell it was not cheaply made.

    Bailey P.
  • Things I like most are the exterior rock/brick color combinations, kitchen size, and rounded dining area. I also liked the pantry/laundry combo, closet space, and the bench seat in the master shower.

    Ricky S.
  • This has been the most pleasant buying experience we’ve ever been through. Our new home fits our needs and is lovely.
    We truly appreciate everyone’s kindness through this process!

    Kinya and Randall P.
  • This home gave us the space for our lifestyle, and we love
    the quality of the appliances. We are very happy!

    David S.
  • We love the open floor plan and energy efficiency of our

    Kelli W.
  • We love the spacious living area, kitchen, and study. Sonia Phillips at Antares homes was very
    easy to work with, accommodating, and friendly. We highly recommend her!

    Victor S.
  • We LOVE the layout and the different rooms that were offered with the layout.
    We are happy with the home!

    Jonathan C.
  • In Real Estate today, houses are flying off the market and are very stressful for Buyers. Sellers/Agents do not have to explain or answer questions because there is a line of Buyers right behind you ready to take your place. I was so pleasantly surprised when we walked into the Model home of Antares and met Tanya. She, hands down, has the Best Customer Service I have run across in a while.

    As an Agent, some Builders want to be short and quick to get you out of the way. I got there before my client, so it gave me time to meet with Tanya first. We were able to get on the same page for my Buyer. This is so helpful. When my Buyer got there, Tanya was very informative and answered ALL the questions that my Buyer or I had. She made us very comfortable, not rushed. And didn't make us feel like we were wasting her time. She drove us to two different lots where sent went over in detail and AGAIN answered more questions.

    It felt like we were talking with our friends. It's just nice to run across people that actually care what the customer is getting and not chasing the dollar. As an agent, I would be happy to work with this Builder anytime. Great experience

    Brandi B.
  • Excellent customer service, quality, and a beautiful community in Ft. Worth. The few streets that these homes are built on are quiet and are close to a few older farms. It is a great community for a starter home or to be close to work. Btw, both sales reps are amazing (Sonia and Tanya).

    Caroline V.
  • Our construction manager was super helpful and personable, and the kitchen is gorgeous!

    David E.
  • I loved the overall spacing of the home, and our builder and sales representatives were excellent!

    Ronald P.
  • Tanya is AMAZING! She is so knowledgeable about not only these homes, but also the DFW area & housing market as a whole! & so sweet!! Antares homes are beautiful in pictures, but they are even better in-person. I would suggest stopping by to chat with Tanya if you are looking for a home!

    Lauren B.
  • We liked the simplicity of the process and transparency from the sales and construction team.

    Mike and Twyla Carrillo
  • Tanya at this community was AH-MAZING to say the least!!!!! She helped my clients every step of the way and made sure they were taken care of, she is a great asset to a great builder! I can't recommend her enough!

    Aylin M.
  • Antares is not only quality, but professional sales people. Tanya is so knowledgeable and helpful. She made sure all of my questions were answered. The best sales person I’ve ever met!

    Alfredo G.
  • As someone who's been in the construction industry for 30+ years, I can tell you Tanya Edelman is one of the most professional and responsive sales persons I've ever worked with. Her quick and courteous follow-ups make my job as a building inspector a whole lot easier. Tanya is an example of how a real sales pro does it!

    Michael B.
  • The railing on the stairs was our favorite, layout is amazing, and the exterior was better than expected.  

    Leon A & Zuleima C
  • OH MY GOSH! Where do I start? Antares is not only a great builder, but the people were great during this process. Thank you Tanya, my sales lady, who was just excited for me when I was just looking. She is great to work with! Thank you to Jason and Russell, both of them kept me on my toes and offered knowledge during my walkthrough! Last but not least, thanks to Victor for handing those keys over! Lol. Thank you all Antares family!

    Lekia N
  • Monique with Antares was a pleasure to work with! I have clients moving to the area from out of state, and Monique went above and beyond to make sure the transaction went smoothly. Highly recommend working with Monique and Antares Homes.

    Patrick B.
  • Monique Tinsley was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was very professional and answered all of our questions in a timely manner. She made buying our new home easy. I would recommend Monique to anyone interested in buying an Antares home! Thanks again Monique!!

    Aaron B.
  • Our experience with Antares home has been absolutely wonderful. From our initial tour, to reserving our home and all the way through the building process and final walk through, Monique has kept us up to date and informed. She went above and beyond to keep us aware of all progress and changes happening and even sent us picture updates during the build. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a new home!

    Elizabeth W.
  • We love how spacious it is and the open concept design. We also love the energy efficient features that preserve the quality of the structure. 

    Mary and Cody R.
  • My husband and I stopped in to get information about Antares Homes. We were blown away by how personable and knowledgeable Tanya was with us. She didn't rush us and took the time to make sure we were fully informed about everything. She answered all of our questions and made us really comfortable during the process. Tanya by far has the best customer service I've experienced during the process of finding a home. It's easy to rush people out the door in such a chaotic time with the market being how it is, but we were very appreciative of the service we received from Tanya and we highly recommend her as well as Antares Homes to anyone in the market for buying a home!

    Gregg and Tiff I.
  • My family and I had a great experience on Saturday with Tanya at the Kingspoint location. We told her that we were looking at a different community and yet she still took the time to be very thorough with us - we left feeling confident in Antares as a whole and are looking forward to seeing additional Antares communities pop up throughout the DFW.

    Natalie C.
  • I had a really great experience working with Tanya. She was very patient with me and kept me informed along the building process. I was very impressed with my new home.

    Kingspoint Buyer
  • Tanya was amazing! She was very attentive and very easy to communicate with. Thank you so much we couldn’t be any happier with her service!

    Nallely B.
  • It is everything I imagined, I love everything about it, nice size backyard, and it feels like home.

    Yanique M.
  • Beautiful home design with great insulation and foundation. 

    Brian and Nallely B.
  • Love the open floorplan, lots of options to choose from.  

    Chris H.
  • Met Tanya, who was one of the most knowledgeable associates I've gotten a chance to work with. She understood the process and characteristics that extremely important building confidence to purchase a new home. As many reps I've spoken with, I've met very few that have extensive knowledge of product and material that goes into the core of constructing the newer homes and those they may know, don't speak as fluidly and confident about them. I was visiting this location for clients and I was so excited by her knowledge and energy that it had me interested in a home for my family. She is definitely a much appreciated contact I will be recommending to facilitate a great home buying experience with clients. There have been so many looking in the area and they are just not getting the information that she was able to provide with regards to the immediate community as well as opportunities and amenities available within the surrounding area. Thank you for the awesome customer service.

    Kanetha S.
  • From the very start Tanya made it clear she is a force to be reckoned with, from start to finish a true professional and second to none. Clients felt empowered and informed. Would recommend this affordable product to anyone and with this high level of service you simply cannot go wrong. Look forward to all our future business together!

    Jose V.
  • Tanya was amazing to work with. As a Realtor, I can appreciate the professionalism and knowledge about the home. She explained everything so well and really made my client and myself feel very comfortable about the purchase of an Antares home. Tanya is an excellent representation of Antares Homes.

    Stephanie S.
  • As a first time home buyer it is a scary and intimidating process, but Tanya Eddleman made the whole process painless. She was there every step of the way. She was great at answering all of the questions we had and explained everything thoroughly. Can't wait for our forever home.

    Courtney C.
  • Tanya made it feel so easy buying our first time home. She answered all of our questions. Explained all the paper work. It was a great experience. She knows all the details about the homes. And really made sure we got what we wanted. Thank you so much.

    L. Pinto
  • Tanya Eddleman was AMAZING throughout the process with my client and I. She doesn't just try to sell she wants to you to know exactly what type of home you are receiving as far as products etc. She keeps me updated with her inventory without me having to ask. In this current seller's market that is HUGE for real estate agents. I highly recommend Antares Homes and they have an AWESOME person on their front line selling their homes.

    Earsla G.
  • I am buying my first home through Antares and I am happy with the choice I made. The staff has helped me through each level of the home buying process.

    Jesus N.
  • Wanted to let you know my Antares home was the champion over Mother Nature in this winter apocalypse. Glenn Davis was my building manager, Melissa Kelly my sales manager, and Carrie Davis my design specialist. Six years ago! Still can’t believe how much I love this house!

    Rolling blackouts. No power midnight to noon. Power noon to midnight. Wrapped pipes outside and set thermostat on 66. Ran gas logs on low in fireplace during outages. Temp in house NEVER DROPPED BELOW 60! What a testament to the quality you put into your homes!

    As I said, it’s been six years, and I continue to be proud of my beautiful Antares home!!! Your company is part of what makes Fort Worth so great!

    Hope all of you are safe and warm.

    Robin A.
  • We loved the availability of the floor plans and all of the options we had when customizing our new home. 

    Angela and Jessika W.
  • I love Antares Homes. I met with Tanya Eddleman back in December and she showed me a couple homes. It was a fantastic experience and she really gave me a reason why Antares is better than the rest. She answered all my questions and has been excellent! I am looking forward to building my first home with Antares, they truly are top notch!

    Ian B.
  • We are very excited to say we are having an Antares Home built! From the start, we have been impressed with the Quality and the details they put into all of their homes.
    Stuart, our Construction Manager informed us of the build process and gave us a basic timeline....
    Star helped us pick all of our options at the selection studio.
    We have also chosen to work with their Mortgage Lender Tammy and will receive $ incentives towards closing.
    Best of All, is Tanya, our sales person at the Kingspoint Development, She has been Amazing!
    She has been there to walk us through every step of the process, she has even sent us weekly pictures and let us know what they will be working on next!
    It has been great working with the Antares Family to build our Dream Home! I would highly recommend Antares!

    Cynthia G.
  • I really liked the exterior look of the home. The gray stone and trim color contrasting with light brick. 

    Heath B.
  • I really liked the dual pane windows, energy efficient appliances, and floor plan/layout. 

    G Pansari
  • I liked the plan, living space, and backyard. 

    Raja C.
  • The thing that we like most about our home and design is the open layout, high ceilings and the porches!! 

    Diego M. and Ashley G.
  • Many people warned us that building a home was daunting and to make sure that no one took advantage of us as first time buyers. Tanya Eddleman and Antares could not have proved them more wrong. From the very first appointment with Tanya to talking with Jason, we have been involved in every step. They let us know what is happening next and how the process is progressing. We highly recommend using this company and realtor for any home buying opportunity!

    Angie W.
  • Working with the Antares builder (Jason) and sales associate (Brandy) at the Heights of Weatherford Estates was a huge blessing and I could not have asked for a better experience as a first time home buyer. Both Brandy and Jason were extremely helpful with any questions that I had and went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of before I moved in. Also, I can't say enough about the quality of the Antares home that I now live in! It has truly exceeded my expectations. Since I used one of the preferred lenders my house went from contract to close in 27 days and lenders were also very helpful with any questions that I had. I cannot recommend Antares enough!!

    Stefanie S.
  • I love my home! The quality of my home is noticeable in every detail. It fits my lifestyle and is a perfect choice for me. I had a great experience building my home. Every location I visited has great people but my salesperson Pam was a big factor as to why I chose Antares. My Builder Mike was an excellent guy and he really took great care of me. I would definitely recommend Antares Homes to my friends and family.

    Vivian A.
  • Monique and Brandon have been fantastic to work with. I wouldn't change a thing about experience with Antares Homes.

    Angela G.
  • I just wanted to stop in to tell you guys how thankful we are for Alma!! She was absolutely wonderful to work with throughout the whole process! We had previously met with another salesperson but decided to come back and re-visit Antares and literally spent 6 hours with Alma, ON A SUNDAY, to get the process started! She is extremely knowledgeable and the team of guys she works with are amazing as well! She even helped talk us off the ledge when we were too scared to buy! And also a shout-out to Logan who took care of everything our home needed before purchase! Thanks y'all!

    Kyla D.
  • We really like the floor plan of our home. It has very attractive brick work. We will definitely recommend our family and friends to Antares Homes.

    Ronald and Carol B.
  • From start to finish, our experience with Antares Homes was great! From seeing the Summer Creek South model home to getting the keys to our own inventory home, our sales consultant Cassy was amazing and played a big role in helping us choose the house of our dreams. The 2379 floor plan was just the right size for our family with three bedrooms, a study, and an upstairs bonus room, not to mention how affordable it was. Move-up america really helped us as well and we were shocked at how fast we were able to sell our previous home and move into our new one.

    James and Kimberly B.
  • The thing I liked most about Antares is the overall design of my home. Albert and Dan were GREAT! Wonderful customer service!

    Billy A.
  • Our experience was Excellent! Everyone in the Sales Office went above and beyond for us. We will definitely be recommending Antares Homes to our friends and family.

    Johnnie W.
  • Our experience with Antares Homes was PERFECT! Cassy & Mike made our home building process smooth and easy! Cassie went above and beyond for us. She gave us options and walked us thru the whole process.

    Zulema A.
  • We recently purchased a home with the help of Tanya Eddleman in the Summer Creek South location and she was such an amazing person to work with. She made the process really quick and easy! Thanks for all your help Tanya!

    Ashley T.
  • We will like to commend the generosity and kindness of one of your sales consultants, Alma Rodriguez. This lady is just wonderful, we do not even have enough words to express our gratitude. Right from the moment when we went to her model home, she was friendly, courteous and willing to help with all our questions, and did not hesitate to take us round. Thanks Alma, you rock!!!!!!!! Also, we want to give a shout out to Amy Wood at the selection studio, she was super helpful and nice. Thank you so much.

    Rosemary Ridge Homeowner
  • I just wanted to reach out and let you know we are so happy with the progress of our house so far. We've been out to see the house multiple times and each time we go the crew is so nice and even invites us in to have a look at what's happening. The crew has been great and I wanted to let you know how great this whole process has been for us. It's been an amazing experience and I look forward to continue to be amazed of the progress we will continue to witness.

    Chisholm Trail Ranch Buyer
  • Alma and Felipe were a pleasure to work with.

    Josmary P.
  • Karla was outstanding throughout the whole process. Jason was very detailed and answered all questions and concerns.Our experience was smooth.

    Derek and Laura L.
  • Perfect floor plan. Monique kept us informed throughout the building process and Jason was great. It was a wonderful experience getting a home built with Antares Homes.

    Moni S.
  • The Antares Homes are so beautiful and well crafted that we fell in love as soon as we walked into the model. Especially the kitchen with the gorgeous island.

    Amy S.
  • Staff was always available and answered all questions.

    Crystol Lynn L.
  • Beautiful homes. Awesome customer service. We looked at 15 different builders and finally decided that the overall quality and their standard features are upgrades with many other builders.

    Lidia W.
  • We love the elevation and having all that space on one level. The neighborhood is just what we wanted. We already recommended Antares to one of our daughters.

    Jeffrey and Kimberly H.
  • We love the master bathroom – we love our home! Monique Tinsley and Joseline Fernandez were a pleasure to work with. Thank you very much!

    Aneudy and Aureg T.
  • We definitely love the fireplace feature – our master bath is gorgeous and roomy. As for the design, we love all of it! Thank you, Monique and Stephanie.

    Efrain R.
  • Our house is cozy, and we will use all the rooms – no wasted space. High quality materials were INCLUDED, and we loved that.

    Doug and Jennifer W.
  • There really isn’t much I would change. I enjoyed the whole experience. Monique was attentive and her communication was great! Brandon was very knowledgeable and great. Kim was sooo sweet – I love her!

    Brennyn P.
  • Have thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience. Could not have asked for a better process.

    Berta N.
  • We appreciate the experience of working with Antares, especially with the team being so accommodating with the items we brought to their attention. Thank you!

    Clarissa G.
  • Dallas Bollema was incredibly helpful and always available to us. He really went above and beyond. Troy (builder) was excellent and got repairs done very timely. Becca Rogers was very helpful and kind as well!

    Patrick and Rachel L.
  • Antares has great customer service!

    Keith O.
  • We love the space and the layout. My favorite part of the house is the master bath and the kitchen.

    Darriel and Monica A.
  • We feel the home and service has been Amazing! This was a great experience. Highly Recommend!

    John and Marissa H.
  • The lot size, distance between the homes, and the floor plan is a beautiful layout. 

    John S.
  • The elevation, the location, and the home itself is lovely. 

    Johnny B.
  • We love the open design and the layout. We like the affordability of the homes. 

    Vicky and Xavier R.
  • The floor plan itself is what sold me. The open area of the living room and kitchen is what I like the most!

    Eric B.
  • I love all the extra features in my new home (fireplace, built in oven, and garage door with Wi-Fi). There was so much more included that I was expecting. Jake and Albert were a dream to work with. I had a truly wonderful experience, I would have done it sooner. 

    Nonya B.

  • The house exterior stone work sets it apart from other houses. The houses don't look like cookie-cutter houses, we love the inside finish too.  

    Todd R and Lissa D.
  • We love the location and design, especially the living room, kitchen, and rooms.  

    Efrain T. & Karen G.
  • We loved the spacious design and location.  

    Lyndon and Karen S.
  • We now have a big back yard, that is something that is hard to find when buying a new home. We also love the wood flooring.

    Craig and Kimberly B.
  • We love the kitchen and the smart oven!

    Alfredo and Karen Sanchez
  • We like the space, design, and master bedroom being opposite of the other bedrooms, stone fireplace, wood floors and master bath.  

    Galen and Regina Taylor
  • We like the sound proof windows, big entrance, spacious kitchen, and light fittings. 

    Parag D.
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