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Save Money. Be Comfortable. Protect the Environment.

Antares is proud to be known for our ability to deliver quality homes to our Customers that decrease the overall demand for energy thus reducing the cost of home ownership and contributing to the blue skies of Texas.

  • 1Engineered Steel Reinforced Slab

It all starts with our steel rebar foundation. That’s where we begin building a home that we’re proud to deliver to our Customers. Many of our competitors use post-tension slabs. The truth is that both types of foundations are equal ‘on paper’, i.e. in terms of technical design they should perform equally per their design parameters that are dictated by the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute. However, post tension slabs are much more prone to error in the field. Because the cables are pliable and thus loose in many places, when pouring the slab the cables can be easily displaced by the heavy concrete that is poured on them. If not watched extremely closely, the displacement of those cables when the concrete is poured on top of them can constitute a compromise in the integrity of the foundation design. This can cause issues down the road if not detected and corrected at the time the concrete is poured. With steel rebar foundations, once the steel is placed and tied together, the displacement of the reinforcing steel and the resulting compromise of design integrity is highly unlikely due to its being much more rigid in its very nature. Because of this, Antares believes that concrete reinforced with steel rebar provides a foundation system with much less potential for error than post-tension slabs. Our way is more expensive, but Antares would rather spend a little more on this critical part of your new home to mitigate the risk of future problems. It’s not your average slab and remember, your home comes with a 10 year limited warranty through StrucSure.

  • 2HVAC

As a company grown in DFW, we know how hot north Texas summers are! It was never an option for us to cut corners on the HVAC system. Our homes include professionally engineered HVAC systems to keep you comfy and your wallet happy all year long. Hot summers and crazy winters won’t keep your home from performing as engineered.

  • 3Blown Cellulose Insulation

Everyone has seen images of pink fiberglass batt insulation being installed in new homes. Pink fiberglass is the predominant product used for insulation in our market. It meets the minimum code requirements. Antares has again chosen to spend a little more money in this area to ensure that our homes perform to an elevated energy efficiency level. We use blown-in cellulose insulation that is an upgraded product compared to standard fiberglass batt insulation. Additionally, cellulose insulation has numerous qualities that are unmatched by pink fiberglass insulation:

  • Blown-in cellulose insulation virtually eliminates voids around plugs and switches that are prevalent with fiberglass insulation,
  • Blown-in cellulose has sound proofing qualities that are not found in fiberglass insulation,
  • Blown-in cellulose has tremendous fire retardant qualities that are not found in fiberglass insulation,
  • Cellulose insulation is primarily made from recycled materials making it a ‘green’ product that is much more environmentally friendly when compared to fiberglass insulation.
  • We believe our approach to energy efficiency, as demonstrated by our use of this superior product, places us in the upper tier of home builders in DFW
  • 4Continuous Vent Soffits and Air Hawks

The vents are placed under the eaves of the home to allow air circulation in your attic. Air Hawks assist with circulation by venting out hot attic air. Both of these materials use natural forces to function and to help make your home’s energy consumption as low as possible.

  • 5Windows

Our windows are specifically designed to help minimize thermal energy transfer. Traditional windows let the heat in with the light because they are unable to separate the two. Our double-paned windows come with a specific coating that reflects the radiant energy, or heat. It’s just another way that we save you money and allow you to enjoy the glorious outdoors in great comfort. 

  • 6Programmable Thermostat

According to the Department of Energy, you can save as much as 10% annually on heating and cooling costs by turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day. Energy savings become automatic when using a programmable thermostat to keep track of when and how much to adjust the temperature in your home.

  • 7Energy Performance Guarantee

There are several components working together in an Antares Home to create a level of energy efficiency that allows us to guarantee the heating and cooling energy usage for your homes needs for 2 years. 

For example, prior to cellulouse insulation being installed, we apply a poly-foam sealant along the framing of exterior walls and ceilings to reduce the exchange of unconditioned air into the home. Some additional features we include are Argon Gas in our windows and R8 ducts on our HVAC systems.

On top of the many physical features we add to keep your home running efficiently, we have adopted the Energy Performance Guarantee to provide a guarantee on the energy used to heat and cool your home. In order to provide the Energy Performance Guarantee, we test each home twice. Once during construction and once at the end of construction. The first test is conducted just prior to hanging the sheetrock in every home we build and is called the ‘duct blast test’. This test is designed to measure any air leakage in the duct system. The second test is done after all construction on the home is complete and all systems are functional. This test is called the ‘blower door test’, and is designed to test the air leakage from the entire home. Antares cannot hang the sheetrock before passing the duct blast test or close the home without having passed the blower door test. The third-party company providing the Energy Performance Guarantee administers both of these tests.

  • 8Quality Inspection

When the home is near completion, our new Homeowners meet their Construction Manager for their Homeowner Orientation Meeting. Prior to this meeting, Antares conducts an intensive inspection of each home. This inspection is carried out by either our warranty team and/or our Production Managers, most having over 20 years of experience in the home building industry. Our initiative is to make an extreme effort to present the very best product to our Customers that we possibly can. Since implementing this ‘Quality Walk System’, our Customer surveys reflect that this has been a highly successful initiative.

  • 9Sprinkler Systems

Our included irrigation systems will save your lawn! The rain and freeze sensors help you cope with the ever-changing weather without worry. These features prevent over-watering and pipe-bursting both of which save you money and help keep your foundation happy!

  • 10Engineered Shear Walls

We add an important structural system that is composed of braced panels that are engineered per code.  We do this to ensure that your home is stable from the foundation to the roof.  These panels counter the effects of lateral forces from wind or seismic activity.  Basically, it means that wind won’t cause the walls of your home to twist sideways.

  • 11Pex Plumbing

Pex plumbing system is resistant to scale and chlorine, doesn’t corrode or develop pinholes and is more resistant to freeze breakage than copper or rigid plastic pipe.  Pex tubing is quieter and does not transfer heat as readily as copper pipe systems which contributes to the home’s overall energy efficiency.

  • 12Engineered Flooring System on 2-Story Plans

Our sub-floor systems are 14 inch I-Joist which are professionally engineered, and they allow us to install insulated ductwork without compression.  This also contributes to the overall energy function of the home as well as the Energy Performance Guarantee mentioned earlier.  They are also designed in such a way that floor squeaks are minimized which may not be the case for other types of sub-floor systems.

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