We believe your personal design selections for your new home should be handled in a professional environment


Whether you are building your 1st or last home, it is still an exciting process to add the personal touches to your home that make it ‘your own’. The perfect environment to make those selections is in our Selection Studio located in Arlington, TX. Within our Selection Studio, you will find options ranging from countertops, to flooring, to hardware, to appliances, to lighting, to paint and stain colors and on and on. With an abundance of options available for your selections, the experts at Antares Homes are here to guide you as you make those important decisions.

What to expect during your personal Selection Studio appointment:

  • One-on-one design appointment
  • A well-thought-out Selection Studio process providing you a true homebuilding experience
  • Vignettes, pictures, and examples allowing you to envision your personal selections coming together
  • 100% Your choice... 100% Your Dream Home

For more information, please download the below PDF.

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