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As we are helping you select the community and home design that fits your needs, we will also assist you in the process of obtaining a conditional pre-approval for mortgage financing. By pre-qualifying upfront with a mortgage lender, you will have an estimate of how much home you can afford based upon many factors such as your income, employment and credit information.

To help you in the pre-qualifying process, Antares will introduce you to a Recommended Lender. Our Recommended Lenders have tailored their services to meet the needs of Antares’ Home Buyers in order to ensure a smooth process. They understand Antares, our expectations of them towards our Customers, and the various steps of home construction.

Please keep in mind, you are not required to use a Recommended Lender as a condition of your new home purchase. It is merely a recommendation of experienced and knowledgeable mortgage professionals that have continuously shown great customer service to our Home Buyers with competitive financing options. Antares receives no financial benefit from our Recommended Lenders.

Check out these Advantages of Home Ownership:

  • Owning a home of your own means you and your family can set down new roots, get to know your neighbors, and involve yourself in your community.
  • The ability to deduct your mortgage interest and property tax payments from your federal tax return is a major financial benefit of home ownership.
  • When you own your home, your mortgage balance goes down with each payment and generally your property value is going up. Rent payments go straight into the pocket of the landlord and at the beginning of the next month you have nothing to show for it. Home ownership is the chance to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage.
  • In terms of renting, pet ownership can seriously limit your options! Even if pets are allowed, you almost always are required to put down a hefty pet deposit which you likely won’t get back.
  • You can personalize your home and make modifications as you see fit. You can really make it yours and you are investing in YOUR home!
  • Now is the time to take advantage of lower than average fixed-rate mortgages that will never change over time. Remember, rent payments almost always increase at the end of the lease.

Thing to Keep in Mind

  • 1Military Members

One of the unique benefits for military members, including active duty, veterans, and some surviving spouses, is access to the Veterans Affairs Home Mortgage Loan Program also known as the VA loan program.  A VA home loan can be used for purchasing either one of our Quick Move-In homes or a home we build for you.  VA loans require neither a down payment nor private mortgage insurance (PMI).  By not requiring PMI, your monthly mortgage payment is reduced!  Our Recommended Lenders can assist you to see if you are eligible for a VA loan and answer your questions regarding the VA loan process.  If you are a disabled veteran, other benefits and discounts may apply.

  • 21st Time Home Buyer Programs

Helping families achieve their dream of home ownership is an important step toward building strong communities.  We will recommend quality mortgage lending institutions to help you achieve your home ownership dreams.  There are many 1st time buyer programs that require little or no down payment, low closing costs, lower interest rates and affordable payments.  Additionally, specific programs are available to assist service professionals such as police officers, firefighters, teachers, and medical professionals.  Please, ask a Sales Consultant today for information on programs that may help you with a home purchase.

  • 3It’s a Community Experience!

Here at Antares Homes, we believe in building communities one Homeowner at a time.  As you’ve seen, we’re about building trusted relationships and making new friends; bringing about a sense of belonging to something.  There is immense pride that comes from home ownership.  This collective pride closely ties you not only to your neighbors and to the specific community you live in, but also to the larger network of local service professionals, health professionals, schools, and churches.

  • 4Investing in Your Future

Buying a new home is likely the best long-term investment most people ever make.  Homes typically increase in value over time, build equity, and provide a nest-egg for the future

Unlike a 401(k) or an IRA, when you invest in a home, you can live in it while the investment grows.

  • 5New vs Pre-owned

The home buying process involves a lot of decisions.  One of the biggest choices to make early in the process is whether to buy a new or a pre-owned home.  Take a look at some of the advantages of purchasing a brand new home:

  • A pre-owned home was someone else’s dream, not yours.  Why settle for someone else’s design choices when you can select your own favorite cabinets, countertops, appliances, carpets and flooring?  Design your dream home exactly how you’ve always envisioned it! Create new memories in a new home designed by you with personal touches that make you happy.  Antares Homes has a Selection Studio specifically created to make your dream become reality!
  • When buying your home, the home design and layout should reflect your lifestyle and personality.  Buying a new home allows you to do just that and Antares offers many flexible home designs and options.  Consider the functionality of a new home.  How does the home design work with the way you live your life?  If your current home doesn’t meet these criteria, you have probably already considered remodeling.  Renovation costs on an existing home are very expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes can expose hidden issues you were not expecting to find.
  • New home warranties are in place for a Home Buyer’s peace of mind.  A 10-year structural warranty begins the day you close on your new Antares home.  We are very proud to be part of the StrucSure Home Warranty program, allowing us to build your home with confidence.
  • One of the biggest advantages to new home ownership is the advancement in energy efficiency.  Typically, existing homes cannot compete in this category when compared to today’s new homes.  Antares Homes goes a step further by offering a 2-year guarantee on your heating and cooling energy usage.
  • Compared to a pre-owned home, a new home generally requires less maintenance. It’s quite simple, everything is new! No need to have to worry about repair costs on aging items in a pre-owned home such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC components, or appliances. Keep your hard-earned dollars where they belong, in your pocket!
  • 6Do I Build from Scratch or Buy a Quick Move-In Home?

Compared to buying a Quick Move-In home, building a new home generally allows more flexibility in home design, home site location, as well as color and design options.

Your situation, however, may necessitate the purchase of a Quick Move-In Home or you may find one of these showcase homes that perfectly fits your needs and taste.  Remember, we spend a tremendous amount of time making selections for the Quick Move-In homes and those selections are the same ones that you can pick from in our Selection Studio if you are building a home with us.

There are advantages to both approaches, but whichever route you choose, we are here to help you every step of the way.

  • 7Home Owner’s Associations (‘HOAs’)

An HOA is a smart investment to protect the value of your home.  When you are a part of an HOA, you have many advocates who safeguard your interests because you are typically all united in your interest!  Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll experience as part of your community’s HOA:

  • HOA’s preserve the nature of the community and protect property values by delivering services and providing a well-maintained living environment.
  • Enforcement of HOA regulations is another layer of protection against neighborhood degradation and an effective means to maintaining community standards and protecting property values.
  • Homeowners in HOAs have a vested interest in reporting and correcting problems ranging from architectural and building code violations, to illegal parking, to homeowner maintenance issues.
  • Many HOAs maintain common swimming pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, and other amenities within the community.
  • HOAs offer an opportunity to gather with your neighbors and discuss common issues, further fostering that sense of community.
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