Why Buy New?

September 29, 2022
The home buying process involves a lot of decisions.  One of the biggest choices to make early in the process is whether to buy a new or a pre-owned home.  Take a look at some of the advantages of purchasing a brand new home:

A pre-owned home was someone else’s dream, not yours.  Why settle for someone else’s design choices when you can select your own favorite cabinets, countertops, appliances, carpets and flooring?  Design your dream home exactly how you’ve always envisioned it! Create new memories in a new home designed by you with personal touches that make you happy.  Antares Homes has a Selection Studio specifically created to make your dream become reality!

When buying your home, the home design and layout should reflect your lifestyle and personality.  Buying a new home allows you to do just that and Antares offers many flexible home designs and options.  Consider the functionality of a new home.  How does the home design work with the way you live your life?  If your current home doesn’t meet these criteria, you have probably already considered remodeling.  Renovation costs on an existing home are very expensive, time-consuming, and sometimes can expose hidden issues you were not expecting to find.

New home warranties are in place for a Home Buyer’s peace of mind.  A 10-year structural warranty begins the day you close on your new Antares home.  We are very proud to be part of the StrucSure Home Warranty program, allowing us to build your home with confidence.

One of the biggest advantages to new home ownership is the advancement in energy efficiency.  Typically, existing homes cannot compete in this category when compared to today’s new homes.  Antares Homes goes a step further by offering a 2-year guarantee on your heating and cooling energy usage.

Compared to a pre-owned home, a new home generally requires less maintenance. It’s quite simple, everything is new! No need to have to worry about repair costs on aging items in a pre-owned home such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC components, or appliances. Keep your hard-earned dollars where they belong, in your pocket!