What Interests Us?

February 23, 2011

I think that sometimes when you walk into our sales offices you may have a preconceived idea about what the Salesperson is going to be like.  And if you have been out looking for homes for a while, you might just stiffen up and brace yourself for the expected sales pitch.  Well, expect something Different from us!  And here’s a little help getting to know us, a look behind the curtain… Most people find some time during the work day to surf the net and read some Blogs or visit our favorite websites.  We do too!  How better to get to know us, than to find out what interests US?  Since you are reading a Blog, why not give you an idea of who we are by what we read?  Here are some of our faves! Carrie Davis (that’s me) says “Cute Overload is my number 1 choice!  It’s always good for a laugh or an AWWWWWwwwwww!”  I also like The Real Estalker, ‘cause when you like Real Estate, why not go big? Our Sales Manager reads Forbes Woman.  I know this because she recently sent me a link to a list of their favorite women to follow on twitter. Sharon White (you remember her right?) likes Raymour & Flanigan’s Icovia© Room Planner and Bring Fido.  Thanks for sharing Sharon, Fido is cool! Stephanie Gatica, our Sales Assistant at Crescent Springs Ranch is a Blogger in her own right and has an amazing style and design Blog of her own titled Inspired by Design!  Oh, and she also likes COCOCOZY which is another great design Blog. Melanie, our Girl Friday at the Corporate Office really likes The Pioneer Woman.  So Stylish!  Melanie is also a photographer and has her own Photography Blog called Melovision. Here are some Anonymous favorite Blogs and websites from our sales team: Sawbuck Real Estate stuff of course! The Suri Cruise Fashion Blog- the name speaks for itself. ;) Iraq the Model “New points of view about the future of Iraq and the Middle East” Connie Podesta- Motivational Speaker Hyperbole and a Half- Who doesn’t like exaggerated and dramatic stories about childhood memories? Mais Fica Hilarious Weight Loss Blog! Better Homes and Gardens You can subscribe to their newsletters and decorating tips. Sea of Shoes Delish! CNN dot com!  So polarizing, I know why you wanted to remain Anonymous! Also, I know this may come as a shock to some of you, but some of us who shall not be named, still read newspapers and business journals printed on actual PAPER!  DUN, dun DUN!  Those People like the Dallas Business Journal, the Star Telegram and the Wall Street Journal. What do you like?
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