Staining Your Fence

November 9, 2010

It is soooo exciting to get your new house keys and begin moving all of your things into your brand new home!  Decorating and housewarming parties are all you can think of.  But wait!  Don’t forget about your fence.  Unless you chose to upgrade to a stained fence at the Selection Studio you will need to stain your fence right away according to Cecil Smith, one of our Certified Graduate Builders.  He advises that you buy a high quality stain that will seal and protect for at least five years.  Behr has one that will last for ten years!  There seem to be many opinions on the internet as to when and how to stain a fence, but Cecil’s advice is the sooner the better!  Get to it!  What do you do if you have lived in your home for awhile and haven’t stained it?  Well, it’s not that hard.  Take a survey of your fence and make any repairs that are needed such as replacing damaged boards.  Then use a mold and mildew stain remover and powerwash your fence.  Then use a wood prep after it dries.  Depending on the condition of your fence, you might just need a good powerwash and then a wood prep.  It is crucial to remove the mold, mildew or fungus before staining your fence.  Let the wood dry and stain on!
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