Smart home technology is getting smarter

April 2, 2017

Do you have a good working relationship with your home? Is it doing more than providing comfortable shelter? With today’s advances in smart home technology, you can get much more. Imagine waking up in the morning with your drapes opening automatically to let in the daylight. Meanwhile, the floor in your bathroom is warming up so you don’t experience the cold shock. Downstairs, the coffee is brewing, exactly to the strength you need. On a cold day, your car starts up and is toasty warm when you get in. After you leave, you realize you left the lights on, so you send a message to your house to turn them off. While you’re at it, you ask your smart home to make sure all the doors are locked. The security system can also let you know if someone left the gate open to the pool. Floor sensors alert you when an elderly family member falls. From work, you can check on the time your kids get home, and make sure they didn’t bring any surprise visitors. Your cleaning person has access to your home, only when you program it (and you can check on the actual arrival and departure). Your thermostat automatically adjusts itself while you’re away, taking advantage of off-peak rates and more energy-efficient temperatures. You can alert your oven to turn on and pre-heat while you’re on the way home. And your refrigerator just sent you a text message that you need to stop for milk and eggs. This is all possible with smart home technology. In addition to launching all these brilliant devices and systems, the manufacturers have realized that they need to work with each other for harmony. Until recently, managing the various smart systems in your home has been like juggling multiple remote controls, for your television, cable box, DVD player, and streaming video system. Now, with hubs like Alexa and Google Home and apps that allow you to control multiple systems on your mobile device, you can truly enjoy the intelligence of your smart home.
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