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January 18, 2011

Our Green Program is Different.

Our Green Philosophy We start by acknowledging that building a home changes the face of the Earth for generations to come. This leads us to: Designing the most effective and high value floor plans, and building homes which fit our customers’ budgets. We sweat the small stuff to make sure we don’t build in mistakes. We also won’t include unproven features with fancy names just to score points on someone’s ‘green rating scale’. Using high-value, durable materials such as rebar foundations and fiber cement siding and exterior trim. This builds lasting value in homes that stand the test of time. Minimizing wasted resources at every possible opportunity. This extends to our well-managed, ‘no-dry-runs’ construction process which means that our Trade Partners and Suppliers don’t make needless trips to any of our jobsites. Rigorously follow EPA storm water control and jobsite management guidelines and requirements. Most importantly, we build using the most proven energy efficiency materials and techniques which fit the budgets of our customers. Our Comfort Home™ guaranteed energy program is our commitment to what is widely agreed to be the most important of all Green features: Energy Efficiency. We are constantly studying and analyzing developing techniques and new products to determine which are proven to perform, and proven to make economic sense to our customers. Here are some of our building practices and home features which are standard in every home, and which are recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders as required parts of any green building program: Energy efficiency features verified by Certified, independent inspectors:
  • Thermal Bypass Inspection on every home
  • Duct-blaster HVAC test on every home
  • Blower Door Envelope Test on every home
  • Allows for the ComfortHome guaranteed heating and cooling program
Proper HVAC design and installation:
  • Use ANSI/ACCA Manual D design process
  • Use ANSI/ACCA Manual S equipment selection
  • Installation done and performance verified only by Certified HVAC contractor (NATE / BPI / RPA)
  • Ducts sealed during construction process
  • System performance @ 14 SEER
  • Ducts properly sealed and tested on every home
Water-efficient shower heads Automatic Programmable Rain and Temperature Sensitive sprinkler systems (optional in some communities) Energy efficient recessed lighting (per plan) Energy Star rated dishwashers and other appliances (some appliances optional) Avoid environmentally sensitive building sites Timer-controlled, outside-ducted rated exhaust fans in all bath areas Use advanced framing techniques where allowed Provide covered entries (most plans) Provide proper eave overhang Provide metal drip edge at roof eave Provide proper site drainage (min 1.20), all four sides of home Install continuous termite and vapor barrier under foundation Provide water resistant barrier on exterior walls Use of recycled materials where applicable (cellulose, clay brick, OSB) Design efficient floor plans Thorough air-infiltration control on garage / living area common walls Rigorously manage storm water runoff Provide thorough home maintenance and care manual and thorough Homeowner Orientation -J Mason COO Antares Homes For more information visit: NAHB Energy Star Antares Homes
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