Pet Parade!

March 10, 2011

Do you think of your pets as if they are your children?  Well so do we!  A few of our employees have agreed to a little show and tell with their furbabies! Monique has three Dachshunds Misty, Ocsar and Audrey. John has several pets!  This is Newton. He was named after Sir Isacc Newton. As a puppy he fell off the couch all the time. Just like apples. He is 77 in dog years and loves to fetch golf balls. He's the old man. Pound for pound my baddest dog. This is our new baby. His name is Tice. (From the game Army of Two) He only weighs about 40 pounds. He loves getting his picture taken and being chased by Newton. He is well trained. When he picks up something like the remote and we holler at him his training kicks in and he races for the doggy door and safety. You cannot catch him. At night you cannot see him. He is a ghost. Our baby ghost. This is Maverick. As in TOP GUN! He is a 4 year old Shamrock McCaw. He speaks and is an escape artist.  We should have named him Houdini or possibly MacGyver. He removes screws, throws food to the dogs, and intimidates everybody. If he ever escapes whoever finds him will think a police officer owner him. His favorite sayings, back up, drop it, shut up. Everything we say to the dogs. This is Cool Hand Luke. He passed away last March after a long fight with bone cancer. He weighed 118 pounds. He was the most loveable and gentle dog. Me and Jonathan really miss him. Jaimie has two dogs that are her children! Lola is a Siberian husky.  We used to tease and say she should get a job at the post office because when she was a puppy we couldn't get her to stop licking people.  She's about 2 years old now and has turned into the friendliest dog on the planet.  Her eyes are very very blue (almost white) and people have a hard time making eye contact with her.  But she's just a gullible lovable ham.  She bounces around like a kangaroo when she's excited and she likes to sleep in.  She can sleep until noon. We wanted a playmate for Lola so we found Lucy at the SPCA (last week!).  Lucy is a scruffy rough and tumble blue heeler.  She's a lot more sprightly than Lola but just as friendly.   She fit right in.  The bond between her and Lola is very strong.  They're like tweedle dee and tweedle dum.  They've only been together a week and can't stand to be apart.  Lucy loves dissecting squeaky toys, peanut butter, long walks through the neighborhood and when food falls to the floor Sharon has a cuddly cat and dog. Simon J "the Wonder Dog" is the most laid back sweet dog.  He does no wrong and is a complete rules follower unlike his little sister Sarah P.  His favorite thing, or rather MY favorite thing, is to stay in Bed & Breakfasts across Texas and go to pet friendly restaurants. Sarah P is the trouble maker, but she keeps us laughing all day.  She loves to snuggle up to Simon when she's done thundering through the house. Jerry has very sweet kitties. Lexie was adopted at the Dallas SPCA in July, 2010, when she was two months old. Lexie is a common domestic shorthair cat, but we think there's a bit of Bengal mixed in. She knows the sound of a particular drawer when it's opened in the kitchen, mostly because her toys live in there. Go ahead and pull the drawer open a couple inches. She'll stand up, grab the handle and do a pull-up to lift her body far enough that she can grab a toy with her teeth. Once it's out, she expects you to play fetch. Throw the toy across the room; she'll bolt after it and bring it back, drop it at your feet, and take up a launching position, ready for the next toss. Obviously, she's part retriever. Isabella, also known as Belle, Belly or Fatty had a rough start in life. She was brought into a Denver shelter in the middle of a blizzard with her two kittens. One didn't make it and Belle was near death for a couple weeks while the volunteers nursed her back. This experience taught her the value of food--she's gained a few pounds over the past four years. She's known as a tortoiseshell or "tortie" with her mottled black and chocolate fur. One of the most tolerant and gentle cats I've known, Belle lets you know you're in her exclusive club by nuzzling her face against yours. When not involved with eating or wrestling with Lexie, she loves to go outside on the rooftop patio and bask in the sun. Send us your Pet Pictures or post them on our Facebook page.  We’d love to see them!
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