When is it a good time to make an investment in your future?

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So, I have made an appointment to meet with Bryan and Nikole on Sunday evening.  Thankfully they aren’t picky eaters like my husband since I am cooking dinner for them.  I hope they like food with some spice in it!  I have been deprived of onions and garlic for the longest time (my husband hates even the smell of them) and I can’t wait to cook something with those ingredients in it.  Anyway, they live in our Ashford Park neighborhood which we just closed out a couple of months ago.  They just might be the youngest buyers we have ever had.  Both of them were under 21 when they went on contract in April of this year.  The burning question that makes them interesting as buyers to me is “when is it a good time to make an investment in your future?”  These two are waaaaayyyy ahead of the curve.  I told them this as they sat in my sales office.  I thought of myself and wondered how my life would be different today if I had bought a home earlier in my life.  I often meet people who have ridiculously low mortgage payments or have paid off their homes because they bought 15 years ago.  Since I am well over 15 years older than them, that secure home owner could be me…if I had just bought a home when I was their age.  So, I guess even though it is never too late to become a home owner, the reverse is also true:  It is never too early to become a home owner.

Ok, so I’m a Nerd.

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Can I just say that I love construction?  I mean, I reaaaalllllly love construction.  You may not believe it, but it’s true.  My hubs and I love to walk through homes under construction just to find out what’s on the inside.  Needless to say I always want to know why we do what we do when it comes to construction.  A lot of my buyers consider me to be very well informed because I can answer about 90% of their construction questions and I get super excited when one of my buyers brings a friend or relative who actually builds or remodels homes for a living to check us out.  It’s like getting to be on Construction Jeopardy!  So, that makes me a big nerd.  But, it’s also good for you ‘cause I’m going to explore our construction on this blog.

When I first started thinking about this topic, I thought about my Gramma’s cooking.  She is an excellent cook and any one who’s ever eaten her food will tell you that.  (you know who you are, ahem, Cecil)  The secret to her cooking is that it’s a little different every time.  You can’t ever really re-create any of her dishes because there really isn’t a recipe she follows religiously; it’s just what she does in reaction to how it’s going at the time.  Well, building a home really isn’t like that.  Yes there are ingredients and every buyer has their specific color and carpet choices that are going into the home, but we warranty our structures and guarantee our kilowatt hours on our HVAC and we can’t just wing it every time.  A dash of insulation here or there won’t a guarantee make!  So is there a recipe for building a sound home?  Yes!  What is it?  Well, stick around and find out, ‘cause I’m gonna show you!

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