Can I change the Floor Plan?

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Yes, but there are limits based on the price of the home.  In the first time or first time move up homes, the limits are more restrictive to keep the price low and the construction time and delivery date fixed.  In custom and higher priced homes, there are sometime no limits because the price includes the right to make large changes and there are very few limits as to the time or delivery schedule.  Make sure to ask the sales person as to what is allowed or not allowed.

-Ron Formby

This is a very frequent topic of conversation in our sales offices.  One of the items we will never change is the elevation–the look of the front of the home–which includes not only brick placement and front porches but also the roof lines.  Something that would seem very simple like adding or removing a window can have a huge ripple effect in the materials needed for the roof line, the framing and the load of the home. One other thing in a home we will not change is the plumbing.  When looking at a floor plan in one of our brochures, you might see a perfect place to bump a bathroom back into an adjoining bedroom or closet and move the sinks or showers around.  Our value pricing is based on building the same home the same way every time.  Plumbing is a major expense in a home and it runs throughout the slab.  To change the plumbing in a home, we have to re-engineer the layout of the plumbing in the slab and this is expensive.  We will, however, exchange a tub for a shower if you choose, since that plumbing is already there.  We do have a few framing changes as options on a few of our plans.  These typically involve changing a bedroom or formal dining room into an office with double doors.  Sometimes our buyers want something a little different that is not requested as often.  These framing changes that we do allow inside the home are called non-standard options.  These items will be discussed with your salesperson and your change requests will be submitted with a signed contract.

Halloween Costume Contest

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Win this!

Announcing the Antares Homes Halloween Costume Contest!  To participate in our Halloween Costume Contest, you must post a photo of people in Halloween costumes in front of your Antares Home on our Facebook page.  The deadline is October 30th, 2010 at noon.  We are giving away three goody baskets for the winners who will be announced on our Facebook page on the 30th of October.  No home yet?  No Problem!  If your home is currently under construction or pre-construction, just pose in front of your unfinished home or with your Antares Homes SOLD sign!  You must either be under contract or closed on your Antares Home to participate.  If you do not have a Facebook page, you can e-mail your photos to me at and I will post them for you!

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