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May 4, 2023

We have more communities, more available homes, more floor plans, and more options than ever before. Wait – did I mention our community and home-specific incentives and promotions? We also have those! It can seem overwhelming but don’t worry, we can help you sort through it all. You might ask us where to start. Well, do you want to do your own research on our website? Or would you rather speak with an expert who can help you narrow your search in minutes?

If you would rather ask an expert, you have four ways to contact Becca and Danielle. These exceptional people are our New Home Specialists, and they take that title seriously!

1.     You can text. Becca and Danielle can receive texts at any of our published phone numbers. Text them for a quick answer. They do sleep, so don’t worry if they don’t respond right away late at night! They will get back to you.

2.     You can fill out a form and start an email correspondence. Becca and Danielle will get back to you via email. If you give us your phone number, they will call you back as well.

3.     You can call us. Becca and Danielle answer our phones and are here to help you. They can quickly access all our available homes, floor plans to build and they know what goes where!

4.     You can chat with us on the website. We’re unique in our approach to chats. We never want our friends to interact with a bot, so we have live chats. This means that our chat is not always active. It is only turned on when a live person can monitor it. If you see Becca or Danielle’s photo on the chat, then they are the person you will be interacting with!

Want to do your own research? We have lots of resources for you to find your dream home on our website. You can start by doing a map search of our communities, you can view all of our available homes or you can choose your favorite floor plan first. Here’s a quick guide to each.

From our main page on mobile, just scroll a little and you will see the map view showing all the areas we build in. Just above that are drop downs where you can select from the city you want, the price range, the size of the home, the number of bedrooms, or the date available for our homes under construction. We’ve made it easy for you to quickly find what you need.

If you would rather start by searching all our floor plans or by community name, click the three lines at the top right to pull down the menu. Then click on find a home to view your options. The communities selection will give you a list of community names in alphabetical order alongside a map pinpointing each community.

Floor Plans is a good place to start If you know that you have specific size and bedroom requirements You can quickly scroll through the cards that let you know what the square footage is along with bedrooms and bathrooms. When you click on a floor plan you can quickly see how many communities it is built in and scroll down to the bottom to find that plan under construction. You will be able to tell immediately how soon that home will be complete and what the price is. If you would rather build it from scratch, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find homes under construction using that floor plan.

When time is of the essence you can start by clicking the search homes button on the main page! Whatever order you would like to undertake your home search, we are here to help you at every stage. For more in-depth details about our specific incentives and promotions, Becca and Danielle are the best resource and are ready to connect with you!