It’s Snow Pretty!

February 4, 2011

Although I was born and raised right here in Fort Worth, Texas, I am no stranger to snowy cold weather.  I went to college in Iowa and followed that up with a job at a therapeutic wilderness camp in East Texas that was year ‘round.  It was par for the course to wake up in your tent to a few mornings below 20◦ during January and February. After that I worked at a high ropes course in Maryland that ran from March through October.  More snow and cold.  So, I have cold weather gear to say the least.  After several days of being snowed in I decided to hike over to Matador Ranch which is relatively close by to my home.  Bandit, my American Mutt came along.  My husband and I adopted him this summer to save him from a very bad situation.  We were delighted to find a couple of days ago that he loves the snow and ice.  We have taken him out and played every day and he loves it.  So I knew he’d be up for the trip. It Was Beautiful!  Here are the pictures: 







By the way I forgot that it is possible to suck a snowflake into your nostril.  Brain Freeze!

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