Holiday Decorations

November 29, 2010

Over the long weekend a lot of families were in their yards placing their decorations and Holiday lights.  It seems like every year the scenes in the yard and the decorations in the front windows get more and more elaborate.  I am not talented at decorating anything including my living room and I rarely decorate for the Holidays because it can be so overwhelming for me.    So since my stepdaughter really wants to decorate this year I have been debating whether or not to put up a tree.  So, I thought what if I did smaller arrangements through out the house instead of a big tree?  Here are some easy ideas for Holiday decorating that I found: Simple Ways to Decorate for Christmas from Better Homes and Gardens.  Some of theses ideas look really simple and very pretty.  I am going to try a few and then post them later. Holiday Decorating made Easy by Good Housekeeping.  I love the snowflake garland!  It reminds me of making snowflakes in Elementary school. 101 Easy Ideas from All Things Christmas.  I love #43! If you are really crafty and ambitious, (unlike me), here is a great video on how to decorate a tree with spectacular ribbons.  It looks so beautiful, but not something I am going to attempt! Thank goodness for!  One of their first pieces of advice is to bring out all of the red and green items you already have in your home and group them together.  I really feel like a “duh!” head when I read advice like that, but if they didn’t print it, I would never have thought of it! MMMmmmmm  Clove oranges! How to decorate on a budget!  I love this one because I really don’t want to spend a lot of money to decorate my home for only six weeks out of fifty-two weeks!  The use what you have section is my favorite. How could I have forgotten about Popcorn Garlands? Maybe I will have a tree this year, but it may be a smaller one.  I saw lots of pretty arrangements calling for a smaller tree doing research for this post.  I found that there are many more decorating ideas for those people who are a little craftier and have a better decorating sense than I am in possession of.  I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, making a wreath is not for beginners.  Please make use of the comments section and send me any ideas or experiences you have had with making simple and easy Holiday decorations!

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