Dinner with Bryan and Nikole

September 19, 2010

So yesterday was my husband’s birthday, but he went fishing for the week with his Grandpa and Dad and Brother, so the huge dinner I made last night was for Bryan and Nikole!  I’ll post the recipes later (‘cause it was so yummy), but we had a wonderful appetizer of toasted French bread with baked brie and walnuts finished with a honey drizzle, pasta with a homemade red sauce that included Italian Sausage (my FAVORITE) and a beautiful salad.  YUM.  Oh yeah, and Key Lime Pie for dessert which was a fortunate impulse buy because it happened to be Bryan’s favorite.  We talked about dog training and being home owners, since we all have dogs under a year old and own homes.  I asked Nikole if people were often surprised to find out that she is a homeowner, she said absolutely.  She just started a new job and since she just turned 20 this summer her co-workers were a little shocked.  I wanted to find out why they had decided to purchase a home so young.  We all agreed on the benefits of such a choice, but how did the conversation come up?  As it turns out, Nikole’s mom was the one who suggested to Nikole that it might be a good idea to buy a home.  Nikole agreed since she was tired of being restricted by the rules in a rental property and she wanted a place of her own to make into her space.    It wasn’t necessarily a new home that her mom had in mind, but as Nikole and Bryan talked to friends and family they found a lot of good advice about buying new over re-sale.  Since the payments were about the same as their rent, buying a new home made a lot of sense.  Also, Bryan’s sister had just purchased an Antares Home and loved the energy efficiency.  Bryan and Nikole both view owning a home as a hobby and another full time job.  They have projects planned for their back yard and have even hosted a wedding!  Congratulations Bryan and Nikole on your new home at Ashford Park!
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