3 Reasons to Buy Now

January 23, 2023

With housing market news changing by the day, it can be difficult to determine whether now is a good time to buy a home. Don’t fret, there are numerous reasons why consumers should take advantage of the current moment in the housing market. From an abundance of available inventory to great incentives offered on rates and closing costs, now could be the best time for you to purchase your dream home. Here are the top three reasons why the time is now.

Reason 1: Available Inventory 

Whether you’re looking for a house with all of your desired features or one that you can move into right away, having access to a variety of options means that you can find something perfect for your needs – without waiting months for construction or renovations.  We have available inventory and the choice is yours. Call or text our New Home Specialists and they can direct you to the home that perfectly meets your needs. See all available homes – CLICK HERE

Reason 2: Rate Buy Downs and Closing Cost Incentives 

This means that buying a new home is the easiest solution for your pocketbook. We are offering great incentives to help you buy down your rate or cover closing costs. These offers directly affect monthly payments and help buyers make their dreams of owning a home come true. Furthermore, these incentives make it easier than ever before to save money while investing in your future. Find out more – CLICK HERE

Reason 3: Hassle-free Living

Buying a new home now means you can say goodbye to the inconveniences of an apartment, a rental or an older home. New appliances, new HVAC system and new finishes mean that you are in the most up-to-date energy efficient, and beautiful new home. From energy savings to the peace of mind of new fixtures, now is the time to buy! Find out more about our Energy Features – CLICK HERE

When deciding whether or not now is the right time for you to purchase a new home, remember that there are several reasons why buying now makes sense from both financial and lifestyle perspectives. With an abundance of available inventory, rate buy downs, closing cost incentives, and guaranteed energy efficiency all working together in favor of potential buyers like yourself - what are you waiting for? Now could very well be the best time for you to invest in your future and achieve your homeownership goals!

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