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The Heights of Weatherford

Categories: Neighborhood News | Posted: May 10, 2017

In honor of our first model in Weatherford officially opening, we decided to chat with our sales consultant about her experience so far working in the area! Brandy is new to the #AntaresFamily, but has fit in since day one. She genuinely loves her community and the city of Weatherford! We wanted to share her thoughts from the recent interview about The Heights of Weatherford Estates.

Q | What is the best part about working in Weatherford?

A: As soon as I hit that Parker county line I feel like life slows down and everything seems less rushed and hurried.  The small town charm and vibe won me over out in Weatherford and I feel like I am already becoming part of the community fabric.  I recognize folks and everyone waves.  Weatherford feels wholesome and safe and the people are so friendly and welcoming.  I love the older buildings and the adorable antique and gift shops.

Q | What makes the Heights of Weatherford Estates unique?

A: The bucolic setting and countryside.  I have never seen a community that is so beautiful with fantastic countryside views.  You feel like you are at the tip of the hill country when you look out towards the south western horizon.  It’s the epitome of what Texas is all about.  Natural beauty and a country setting.

Q | What’s your favorite memory from your temporary sales office?

A: Bonding with my builders in a confined space.  It really allowed the builders and I to all form a close relationship.  In a trailer, there is no such thing as privacy…  You can hear every conversation whether you want to or not.  So, I feel this helped both of the Jasons and I bond quickly and led the path to great communication.  We (spend) more time with one another than we do our own spouses.  So having that open communication and being able to share the triumphs, frustrations, and interactions throughout the day has made us become more of a family that has each other’s backs.  I think the trailer solidified our work relationships.  We are all passionate about being the best team we can be and being successful in Weatherford.

Q | What do you most look forward to about working from your new model home?

A: Being able to actually demonstrate the endless features and quality amenities built in each Antares Home!   Before I was selling the features without being able to demonstrate them.  NOW, I can demonstrate the features and that makes such a difference!

Q | What is your favorite feature in your new model home?

A : It’s hard to choose just one.  I think the things that you usually only find in custom homes such as the window seat in the dining nook and the master bedroom, the built in shelves in the kitchen island for recipe books, and the art niches make the home feel like a custom home!

Q |  Why is the model home’s floorplan perfect for prospective homeowners looking in your community?

A: We hit the target demographic perfectly with this plan.  Buyers these days are savvy.  They don’t want a 3,000 (sq ft) home to maintain with wasted space/sq footage.  My homebuyers are looking for smart and functional use of space.  They want a home design that fits the way their family lives everyday.  They want lots of island space and cabinets in the kitchen knowing that is where everyone gravitates to.  They want flexible space that they can use as they see fit such as the front dining room  Most use that as a study or a second living room instead of a formal dining room.  People love that the master bedroom is separated from the secondary bedrooms to give everyone privacy.  The master bathroom feels like a spa retreat and the closet space throughout the entire plan insures that there is plenty of storage!

Visit our brand new model home at the Heights of Weatherford Estates to chat with Brandy in person. She’s excited to make you feel at home with us!

Saginaw Springs: Around Town

Categories: Neighborhood News | Posted: August 31, 2016


Saginaw Springs is a great community for families who love the outdoors.  William Houston Park is a short walk away where you’ll find a great playground area and two soccer fields.  Willow Creek Park is a bit further away, but easy to bike to.  It is home to a jogging path with exercise stations, basketball courts, a softball field, an entire disc golf course, tennis and volleyball courts, and multiple playgrounds.  The city as a whole also fosters a great environment for other outdoor group activities like the North Tarrant Cycling Club.


If you’re looking for bigger outdoor adventures, they’re just around the corner from Saginaw Springs.  Eagle Mountain Lake as well as Lake Worth are both nearby and are home to great state parks.  The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge is 11.5 miles away and home to all kinds of adventures!  Find out about the hiking trails, guided tours, and wildlife here.  When indoor entertainment is calling you, TCC is there to answer.  With a variety of theater programs throughout the year, you will have plenty to enjoy. If the most recent theater production doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always head down 287 into the Stockyards or Downtown Fort Worth.


Every school that your child will be a part of within Saginaw Springs has met or exceeded all Texas State Requirements.  For this district, though, that’s not enough.  EMISD is part of a select few districts participating in the Liink project to help grow and learn at the highest standards.  This district has its eye on the future, and will take your child there.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a community that cares for you like Saginaw does.  What I really love about the town is the balance of historical character and modern amenities like bike lanes and public transit.  They have a city recreation center that will more than fit any workout needs, and has the most competitive pricing I’ve found.  The community even puts on a kid’s night during the school year called ‘Planet Kidz’ geared toward providing age-appropriate entertainment to children ages 8-14 years old.

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