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Caring for Your Countertops

Categories: Featured, Homeowner Tips | Posted: October 9, 2010

Use this gem for your Granite!


Our Standard counter tops are Wilsonart Laminate.  These are wonderful because they are so durable and they come in so many beautiful colors.  We have over 20 colors in our Standard Options to choose from in our Selection Studio and our buyers really love the choices that we have.  But, how do you care for them?  Well, it’s really easy!  I visited the Wilsonart website to find out more.  Make sure to use a cutting board when chopping up foodstuffs since the surface can be marred by sharp objects.  Always use a mild cleanser like Windex.  Be careful to never clean with abrasive cleaning products and limit the use of bleach on the laminate counter tops.

We often have homeowners who choose the granite countertops as well.  I found a great website that sells granite care products!  We recommend that you use Bar Keeper’s Friend to clean the granite.  It is very important to seal it once a year since granite is a naturally porous stone.  Never stand on your granite since it is possible to crack it that way.

If you have a favorite cleaning product for your countertops please let us know!